“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” – Frank Owen Gehry

There are many benefits when outsourcing DesignOne Services for the private owner or Home Builder. It’s a great visual aid for clients, investors and buyers who want to build homes.

Private Owner

Contractors and cities/municipalities require a working set of drawings to specify technical aspects of a building’s design. The completed working drawings is your property once finalized, you may have a builder in mind, or we can provide you with a list of associates to build with.

DesignOne Studios has a variety of experiences in design and drafting, from City Infills, multi-family to large custom acreage homes. Have an idea already or starting from scratch, I will walk you through the stages of the design process up to the permit stage.

For The Builder or Architect

DesignOne Studios can produce top quality results as compared to the in-house professionals. As our company has specialization in architectural drafting services on a day to day bases, it has the required infrastructure and resources to carry out the task. This will save you the time and hassle of setting things up.

Cost effectiveness is another reason why you should outsource DesignOne Studios services. Debunking the myth that outsourcing would cost a lot of money, outsourcing these services proves to be cost effective. You also save on office space, furniture, equipment, supplies, salaries of employees, taxes, benefits, etc. If you do not need these services on a daily basis, you could be paying for someone to sit around without earning their keep. While you may be able to give them other projects to work on, you aren’t utilizing the skills you are paying for on a regular enough basis.