DesignOne Studios offers various types of designs and services, from garages to large multi family projects. The 25 years of experience will offer unique and efficient home designs, suggesting methods to optimize the economy of your project.

Some of our specific services include:

* Single family homes
* Multi-family homes
* Infills
* Large Renos
* Custom acreage homes
* Garages
* Site Plans
* Architectural Controls

If there is something unique you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.


At DesignOne Studios, we make the process easy. We work one on one with the client to maintain clarity and create designs to meet your specifications.


A preliminary consultation will be set up to discuss fundamental elements of your project. Project elements discussed can include some of the following for your future home design:
* Size and scope
* Architectural style
* Number and type of rooms
* Type of lifestyle
* Client needs and desires
Once we understand your building goals we can give clients feedback on what factors will influence the design vision. There are many details to consider that we will discuss during our consultation. We will also examine the design process and stages before proceeding to the specifics of the preliminary design phase.
In addition to our services mentioned above we also offer two distinct design packages to suit the diverse needs of our clientele. Please contact us for more information.

Creative Process

Getting Started

This is where the rubber hits the road. It is essential that we have a strong understanding of our clients’ vision right from the beginning. A site analysis is the initial start and helps determine any potential pros or cons ahead of time.

Consider all of your interests, daily routine, how you use the space in your home, and architectural styles you are drawn to. The more we know about our clients the more accurate our design concept will align with their ideal dream home.

Helpful documents include:

* Pictures/ideas of what you want—magazines, websites, photos, sketches, etc. Be sure to consider the exterior styling of the home as well as the interior.
* Types of personal items on your wish list—flooring, counter tops, exterior finishes, in slab heating, etc
* A personalized list of wants and needs – Room sizes, ceiling heights, closet space,etc.

Additional documents that we may need:
* An RPR (Real Property Report if required)
* Land survey (if required)

The Design

With all the information gathered from the client, DesignOne Studios will begin to compile all the ideas to create one cohesive design. A copy of the preliminary plan and elevation will be sent to the client for review.

The client’s feedback and changes are welcomed and revisions will take place to ensure the client is pleased with the overall design scheme.

Working Drawing Phase

Once the design phase is complete, DesignOne will focus on the technical working drawings. Once completed, these are the drawings that will be submitted to suppliers,trades,engineers,etc.

We will review the engineered layouts and assure the plans are coordinated with all the received Information. At this point the drawings will be ready for Permits.

Design Timeframe

Every timeframe varies depending on the scope of the project.

The best way to fast track the process is to come prepared with a clear vision for your design. During peak periods we will expedite the process as fast and as efficiently as possible, but expect a longer timeframe for your design.

Clients should be aware that various factors can slow the design process down.

Specific timeframe questions can be answered during the preliminary consultation. To book an initial consultation, or if you need more information, contact us.